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Jul 6, 2012 12:30am EDT
technical issue caused all the fireworks to happened. 3everyone knows you don't mess with texas, except for the attorney generall why his voter rights fight could be the final straw that costs him his job. a cure or hiccups for just eight dollars. how the inventor says he stumbled upon his simple solutton. and forget putting on sunscreen, just pop a pill. whh this might be the future in the fight against skin cancer. attorney general eric holder may soon wish he didn't mess with texas. a eggl showdown between the lone star state -- and the ustice department is just days away. before anyone steps into the courtroom james rosen explains why one lawmaker is already cross-examining the attorney general's star &pwitness. 3 attorney general eric holder is figgting in ourt... to block texas from enacting state paased last year... wwich equires registered voters to posssss as well a valid, state-issuee photo i-d. proponents say it'll eeforrement officer disagrees.- holder says: "[w]e objected to a photo id requirement in texas because it would have had a disproportiooate impact on hispanic voters."
Jul 10, 2012 12:30am EDT
so he's not we think he might be off hhi medicine." 3 3&pspirit flight 3100 was over texas, wwen an elderly passengee in hiss80s beeame disruptive... touching other passengers and kicking the plane to houston. but spirit doesn't fly out of that airport... so it tooo hours to find pilots who could fly the remainddr of the flight. "it was terrible. it was uureal. it was painful. 19 hours. 19 hours we were in this mess." 3 the elderly man was questioned &phe told authorities that he was scared of flyiig. escaped a close call with a great white shark.the man was &ppaddling off the coast of cap cod saaurday when he suddenly heard people screammng at him. he turnnd ack to find great mos says, "i jumped up, i ran ddwn and i saad 'get out of the water!' and there was just a flood of other people that fo" fflllwed."his head was right behind me. looked like he was only a foot or ss in the water. it was just a dark mass. i saw that...the fin. i turned anddpaddled. 3 the beach was closed saturday after the sighting. experts say an abundance of seals in flocking to the aree. finally little elief
Jul 13, 2012 12:30am EDT
cities have earned multiple junk bond ratinns -- littlefield, texas -- and two in rhode island.but another 22 localities have a junk bond rating from attleast one of ratings firm -- jersey--home to nearly 80,000 people.ciccarone says: "they've been getting along, muddling through the last two oo three years to avoid the bankruptcy process, making cuts along the waybarnes says: with stronger finances and favorable ratings are on notice.. moody's downgraded chiitown's bond rating earliee this month. n washington, peter barnes, fox business" the money trouble here in maryland was part of town hall meeting in our studios tonight. a panel of experts as we took a closer look at taxes in the state. and it was steaming live on our website but if you missed it you can &pwatch it in its entirety at fox baltimore dot com slash town hall. 3 3 an evening of food and fun for a good cause tonighh ii north baltimoree baltimore.i had the honor of emceeeng the crabaret at the baltimore museem of art.about a thousand guests enjoyed delicious crab dishes and raised money for the house of ruth...the no
Jul 19, 2012 12:30am EDT
medical miracle is changing the definition of family. 3--siblings... in texas... are... triplets ../ . even though ...two of them ... were born ...four years apart. andrew ... grac-in... is... the third... of... chris and joyce mallon's... children.../. andrew.../ four-year- old... julianna ... and... two-year-old... anna sophia.../ were all conceived... in... a... medical lab... in 2007.../. julianna... was... born... nine months later ... thru... in- vitro... fertilization.../. her... brother and sister... waited their turns frozen limbo... / and ... finally... born. ((sometimes when you pray for a miracle, you get three. and so that's what we have. ) ))joyce mallon.... calls them "triplings,".../ since... they are triplets by conception.../ but siblings... by their dates of birth.../. are there more storms in our future? future? let's go to vytas for your extended forecast. it's... not the interview... you need to be watching../. it's... what's....going on... in the background..../ that's next... in sports unlimited. 3 that's all for the late edition, i'm jeff barnd.
Jul 21, 2012 12:30am EDT
intern... at our... sister station in san antonio, texas. the deadly shootings in colorado has one movie chain changing its security policy..... and police nationwide are stepping up enforcement at movie theaters. theaters. keith daniels, is live in north baltimore with more on police and that company's new rules... keith. keith. karen..... we're live at the rotunda on 41st street.. where that same "batman" movie that was tragically interuppted in colorado... is now showing......... we've seen security guards walking the grounds... and tonight, police say if there's trouble.. they are prepared. prepared. an officer is posted outside the landmark theater in downtown baltimore. baltimore city police say they have no information that suggests that an attack like what we saw in colorado would happen here. but still tonight, the department is boosting patrols as a precautionary measure. they say the propensity for a copy-cat crime is high following a high profile incident. (guglielmi) "we want people to know that there are extra police officers there for their added safety, added securi
Jul 3, 2012 12:30am EDT
ccuntry to helpputility contractors from massachusettes, texas, florida and even canada... are lending a hand this week. 3 < "that's why the whole line indussry... they all stick together and whhn you need help, we're here to helpp.> help."> b-g-e is also warning customers - to stay awwy from any downed lines thaa could be live wires. if you come across one, call and report it. &p3 counties still present big problems for bge...right now... mooe than 65-thousand people are without power in baltimore county...baltimore city still has more than &p50-thousand people in the dark......and anne arundel county still has more than 30-thousand people who need electricity. meanwhile, governor martin o'malley is pushing for more ppogrrss. utility companies predict that 90-percent of homes will have power by friday.... and the governor's says that's not good enough. he gave reporters n update on the emergency response his afternoon. "iq: soo no i'm not satisfied... oq: without the three or four ays of hurricane wwrning." 3 that brings us to our question of the day.are you satisfied with the
Jul 28, 2012 12:30am EDT
frightening... but it ended up being a good day for the people on board a small plane in texas. two people walked away unscathed as their plane made an emergency landing. the f-a-a says the plane developed engine trouble---- making an emergency landing on an access road off a major interstate. bad day for a pet store in new york. one of their most expensive dogs were stolen...and in an unusual way. take a look here... this thief isn't fixing his pants...he's actually stuffing a one pound...nine week old √°pomeranian dog√° in it. surveillance video shows one guy distracting the store clerk while the other guy gets away with stealing the dog. the store is offering 5- hundred dollars to anyone who can find the pooch. 3 3 the u-s economy still sputtering.a look at the reasons why. 3 i feel like it's an attempt to embarrass me or to intimidate me me a mayor outraged over a parking ticket..... creates his own parking place.... how he defends what some are calling an abuse of power. no its not halloween....but its definitely the time to dress up...the event happening downtown thats turning
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7